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Posted on Sep 21, 2016

We hear a lot about profiling in the media, but we don’t talk about analytics and how they can be used to protect America.

If we think of profiling as credit scoring it makes it less emotional. 156 characteristics of a person’s profile might be enough to determine if they should be extremely vetted instead of the standard vetting now done.

More than 60 years ago credit was granted unless your occupation began with a “P.” Then it all slowly changed when analytics were used on a samples of 1,800 people who had good, bad and poor credit histories. The research was cut geographically and by credit product. Today it is cut thousands of ways to maximize only legal attributes that will determine the odds of good or bad credit.

Why not use the same models to analytically profile high and low risk immigrants? America is the smartest and most generous country in the world. We can do anything as long as we get the Federal Government and its power players out of the way.

You have my vote Trump, use analytical profiling after you are elected. America will love it.

David E. Plante at

Posted on Jul 28, 2016

While I’m typing behind closed doors, my better half is in the other room, listening to, and watching President Obama speak at the DNC. I have music playing, while I’m typing, plus I’m eating half a bagel with some hot tea. I am truly blessed.

I have tracked Obama’s ruling party for almost eight years and watched closely as he and his subordinates have tried to mislead America. He is not stupid, he and his team have aggressively approached every opportunity to diminish the American image in the world. They have attacked America’s core values in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while diminishing our economic engine with excessive rules and regulations. Their apparent goal is to convert America into a Socialistic government where the power of the individual business owner is reduced by excessive taxes and regulations.

This is not accidental or unintentional, it is an organized and planned attack on our America. Hillary was a part of the team and is now the new team leader.

I hate or fear no one, so this is not a personal issue.  Obama grew up in an educational and work environment, fueled by Socialist and ultra liberal mentors. He never learned, as we did,  that working hard, pacing our investment in college as we could afford it, without debt, would free us from depending on Uncle Sam and large banks. Unlike Obama we invested in skills and helped grow businesses, not social programs, paid for by the government. Obama, and many like him grew up in a fantasy world funded by Government programs including Government Student Lending.

Trump represents the real American middle class. He understands the government is the problem, not the solution. He and millions of America’s can see the crashing Socialistic countries in Europe. Trump champions Capitalism, self reliance and small government, and with God’s anointing will become the new leader in DC in 2017.

With no hate or fear, and with all of my heart, I trust God to protect America, his gift. He has protected us for 240 years and He never walks away from His children. His Joy

Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Each day is a new adventure in America. The media tells its terrible stories, two draw millions of followers, and seldom reflects on God’s goodness to Americans. Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear, seldom sharing thanks for the excellent healthcare and retirements benefits they receive from us.

We have grown sensitive to the lies and misleading comments made by the media, government and politicians, to the point we don’t believe anything they share until we can verify it.  We are becoming a mature America in a sense. We don’t trust the government, media or politicians, and in reflection on American History, are more like our founding fathers, than any generation in our 240 year history.

This is good news heading into a new election. We are better prepared than the media, government and the politicians realize. So, I say no fear or hate is necessary. God prepared us properly to study, share and aggressively vote for those we believe will Make America Great Again. Let Freedom Ring.