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Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Trump won against all odds and now he is making us winners again. He is pulling back on governmental gifts to politicians and their backers by cutting waste out of the new budget. He is focused on protecting American in spite of the liberal district court judges. He will win his battle with the courts by investing in excellent Supreme Court judges.

It is good to have a winner working for us again. Ronald Reagan made us feel like winners when he was Governor of California and blocked hiring additional state employees until the budget was balanced. He did the same when he was elected president and Trump has followed Reagan’s example.

Everyday Trump takes another step towards rebuilding America’s image. He installed anti-ballistic  missile systems in South Korea and Japan without a lot of talk. Those systems have proven successful and have been installed in Israel to protect them against Iran. All three countries will pay an increased price for our protection, as Trump promised.

School choice is on its way so that every American child will have equal opportunity to succeed and not be intimidated by incompetent teachers protected by unions. Freedom is Trump’s goal for all Americans and it feels good again.

Trump has challenged his team to remove every non productive rule established by the Federal Government so that America can grow its economy again. Hope is here and it is real!

I thank God everyday for Trump and his new team. I am confident he will Make America Great Again with God’s Blessing.

David E. Plante




Posted on Feb 3, 2017

God’s gift, America amazes me. We travel all over the country and there are jobs listed in every newspaper and on thousands of web sites. Thousands are posted in store or business windows. The jobs range from those requiring no skills, to those requiring amazing education and training. One key to obtaining a job is usually a good reputation, but not always.

I left home at fifteen with about $50 in my pocket. I was looking for a job during summer break from school. Everyone that had jobs available, knew me in my home town and knew that I was only fifteen. I figured traveling would give me the opportunity to find a better job, because I looked eighteen, to many adults. It worked and I found good paying work for the full summer.

The $50 didn’t last long and I had to wait two weeks for my first paycheck. I became very hungry and purchased large cans of soup and inexpensive crackers and ate them three times a day until I got paid. I was seriously hungry. It was a good lesson.

I listen to the politicians talk about the millions of people that are unemployed and receiving food stamps plus other financial support. I don’t get it. Feed the unemployed and they will never go back to work. Don’t feed them and the odds are they will become hungry and beg for a job.

I sincerely hope that Donald J. Trump and his team cut back on free stuff to those that are physically able to work. They will search for work when they get hungry and feel better about themselves for doing it. Many will even find new careers by just trying to feed themselves and their families.

Donald is smart and has selected smart staff support. They already know this. The issue is how they will implement a new strategy, without doing political damage to the conservative movement. I look forward to the day millions go back to work for the right reasons.

Love this country.






Posted on Dec 28, 2016

I had a great career in business. We lived in 26 places and two years ago built our 14th home. God has been very good.

We’re enjoying a sweet retirement, but I have been cheating. I have been writing books for the last few years. I pulled away from golf, tennis, travel and many other social activities, but not church and Sunday School. My wife of 56 years edited the 7 books we published together and it was a challenge and fun most of the time. It was also not easy.

Three of the books are non-fiction and four are fiction. They were all fun to write, but, much tougher to publish and sell. We reflect often on our joint project. It was a mission of sorts. We wanted to share God’s gifts and blessings plus it is amazingly fulfilling when you finally publish each new book. The birth of a new book doesn’t feel like anything else we have ever felt.

We didn’t do it for the money. We hoped it would pay for itself and fund the publishing of many additional books. Primarily we hope that at least one person will come to know Christ through our efforts and have prayed for that often. Time has passed and we have decided to take a break.

I still write everyday on twitter and face book and enjoy sharing lessons learned and encouraging stories about God and His goodness. He never disappoints or walks away. I am so excited about Trump and his team that I believe it is time to go back to work, if that is what the Lord wants me to do. Maybe part of my new job will be writing, who knows?

God bless,

Dave Plante