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Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Each day is a new adventure in America. The media tells its terrible stories, two draw millions of followers, and seldom reflects on God’s goodness to Americans. Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear, seldom sharing thanks for the excellent healthcare and retirements benefits they receive from us.

We have grown sensitive to the lies and misleading comments made by the media, government and politicians, to the point we don’t believe anything they share until we can verify it.  We are becoming a mature America in a sense. We don’t trust the government, media or politicians, and in reflection on American History, are more like our founding fathers, than any generation in our 240 year history.

This is good news heading into a new election. We are better prepared than the media, government and the politicians realize. So, I say no fear or hate is necessary. God prepared us properly to study, share and aggressively vote for those we believe will Make America Great Again. Let Freedom Ring.

Posted on Apr 11, 2016

We don’t hear much about miracles today, but they do happen. This is a true story about ours.

A few years ago we were encouraged by a friend to write and publish books. We had never thought or discussed it before, but I enjoyed writing short stories on the internet and my wife, Lorraine was pretty good at English. Over the next few years we published 6 books. It is called self-publishing; we paid a fee for each book and the publisher provided the printing and marketing link with the retail stores and the internet. Three months after our 6th book the publisher closed their doors.

We had published 3 non-fiction books and 3 fiction books in one series. It was fun and we enjoyed the comments we received from readers. It was more about sharing our stories of faith and encouraging others. We continued our writing not knowing what God was going to do, but we were hopeful. We received a letter from Westbow Press offering to republish all of our books, free of charge. They also offered to publish our next book for a 40% discount.

We were amazed. Today our seventh book has been updated in our website and is linked to on-line retailers as are the other sixth. To us this is a miracle, and confirms that sharing His blessings and encouragements was worthy of his protection. You know we feel honored.

Let nothing steal His joy!

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

Criminals are made, not born. They develop over time as they associate with terrible mentors. They don’t steal and kill accidentally or alone. They do it with the help of demonic guiding hands.

Where we grow up is critical to our development; as a pawn of the devil or as child of God. We don’t usually realize what is happening until we hit the wall the first time. At that wall we have to face the reality of who we are, and then make a choice.

U’re warned” describes two families. One that provides health care services in three states and a second family that lives behind them in New Hampshire. The health care providers last name is Snowbird. The two Snowbird parents provide health care services for older citizens and in the process steal their identities and sell them to a gang in Florida. Their son manages the money and hides their illegal proceeds from the Federal and State authorities.

There is a lot of truth in “U’re Warned” and it is not a quick read. If you select the electronic book it will cost you only $3.99. Just click the book above and follow it to one of the multiple retail websites for more information and a free chapter read.

Enjoy “U’re Warned” and please give us your feedback.