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Posted on Dec 28, 2016

I had a great career in business. We lived in 26 places and two years ago built our 14th home. God has been very good.

We’re enjoying a sweet retirement, but I have been cheating. I have been writing books for the last few years. I pulled away from golf, tennis, travel and many other social activities, but not church and Sunday School. My wife of 56 years edited the 7 books we published together and it was a challenge and fun most of the time. It was also not easy.

Three of the books are non-fiction and four are fiction. They were all fun to write, but, much tougher to publish and sell. We reflect often on our joint project. It was a mission of sorts. We wanted to share God’s gifts and blessings plus it is amazingly fulfilling when you finally publish each new book. The birth of a new book doesn’t feel like anything else we have ever felt.

We didn’t do it for the money. We hoped it would pay for itself and fund the publishing of many additional books. Primarily we hope that at least one person will come to know Christ through our efforts and have prayed for that often. Time has passed and we have decided to take a break.

I still write everyday on twitter and face book and enjoy sharing lessons learned and encouraging stories about God and His goodness. He never disappoints or walks away. I am so excited about Trump and his team that I believe it is time to go back to work, if that is what the Lord wants me to do. Maybe part of my new job will be writing, who knows?

God bless,

Dave Plante

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

The media treats Donald J. Trump like someone from outer space. His focus on real issues shared in clear nonpolitical words spooks the elite and irritates their dysfunctional  senses. What they miss is the seriousness of other peoples problems. The inner cities have unbelievable engrained poverty. The media’s lack of interest is shameful.

The drug gangs control the streets day and night and the new influx of illegal gangs from our southern borders bringing with them new cartel drugs and money that will only make the imbedded poverty worse. Donald J. Trump proposed in 1987, and frequently since, then that America tackle the inner city poverty. His plan has not changed.

He proposed then and now that we renegotiate our trade agreements focusing on bringing millions of manufacturing jobs back to America. He also proposed and continues to propose that taxes be charged on importers who do not accommodate our treaty changes and that those taxes be used to rebuild inner cities.

The media has no true love for poor communities in America. The evidence is in plain view for all America to see and hear. They can’t handle change, including the elimination of political correctness because it exposes their lack of love and desire to help Americans recover from a rigged system.

David E. Plante

P.S. Two ballots already mailed supporting change and making America Great Again, specifically focusing on inner cities and their need for strategic change.


Posted on Sep 21, 2016

We hear a lot about profiling in the media, but we don’t talk about analytics and how they can be used to protect America.

If we think of profiling as credit scoring it makes it less emotional. 156 characteristics of a person’s profile might be enough to determine if they should be extremely vetted instead of the standard vetting now done.

More than 60 years ago credit was granted unless your occupation began with a “P.” Then it all slowly changed when analytics were used on a samples of 1,800 people who had good, bad and poor credit histories. The research was cut geographically and by credit product. Today it is cut thousands of ways to maximize only legal attributes that will determine the odds of good or bad credit.

Why not use the same models to analytically profile high and low risk immigrants? America is the smartest and most generous country in the world. We can do anything as long as we get the Federal Government and its power players out of the way.

You have my vote Trump, use analytical profiling after you are elected. America will love it.

David E. Plante at