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Posted on Apr 17, 2017

The internet is a better news media than television, it appears. I see news events on the internet before they appears on the TV channels. I guess it takes time for them to filter it or create fake news to support their political positions regarding whatever the new, news is.

The leftwing media channels are preoccupied with sharing the protests around the country. They don’t want to focus on the criminal illegals that have been arrested since Trump has become President. They have no interest in the confidence we all feel in Trump’s military actions and how they have brought more than 60 countries around the world back to respecting our leadership.

If you remember the polls just prior to the election, had Hillary in the lead and that Trump had no way to the Presidency. I remember it clearly. I also remember how every poll was wrong, but one.  Today we see new polls showing Trump’s rating at 40%. I figure they sampled the same people they sampled just before the election or they sampled Putin’s loyal subjects. I didn’t get a call and neither did any of my friends or relatives and we know why. We all voted for Trump and would vote again, today or any day for Trump.

This is a wonderful country again and everyday Donald and his team are working hard to rebuild our safety, economy and new job market. Polls are what they are, opinions of selected people for political purposes.

Have a great week and let no one steal your joy, especially the lying pollsters!

David E. Plante  at


Posted on Apr 1, 2017

Many will tell you that American’s don’t get it. They will describe them a dumb and lazy and want to be fed by their government. They will say there are a few exceptions, but in the general Americans have little ambition and aren’t too smart. They especially talk like that after the left wing media announces some new fake media stunt.

I look around and listen to my successful friends and neighbors. They just don’t fit that description. They aren’t always positive about America, but they are positive about their children’s energy and their children’s hope for the future. The media, it appears lives in a different world than we do. The question is; are they unique or are my American friends and neighbors unique?

Many of us attended college and some of us gained a skill there, most of us did not. The educational system seldom provides skills for average Americans, except for the news media. They appear to live in the world of academia long after graduating college. Their unique insights reflect the thoughts of liberal college professors who never created anything, but conflict and disharmony. One I had, completed his PHD research on blaming the women of the south for the Civil War.

They are a unique passing fad, because Trump and the rest of us have had enough of Socialism and Communism for a lifetime. This unique group will pass as their professors have, accomplishing nothing, except for energizing us normal folk to fight them every day and all the way.

God Bless America!


Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Trump won against all odds and now he is making us winners again. He is pulling back on governmental gifts to politicians and their backers by cutting waste out of the new budget. He is focused on protecting American in spite of the liberal district court judges. He will win his battle with the courts by investing in excellent Supreme Court judges.

It is good to have a winner working for us again. Ronald Reagan made us feel like winners when he was Governor of California and blocked hiring additional state employees until the budget was balanced. He did the same when he was elected president and Trump has followed Reagan’s example.

Everyday Trump takes another step towards rebuilding America’s image. He installed anti-ballistic  missile systems in South Korea and Japan without a lot of talk. Those systems have proven successful and have been installed in Israel to protect them against Iran. All three countries will pay an increased price for our protection, as Trump promised.

School choice is on its way so that every American child will have equal opportunity to succeed and not be intimidated by incompetent teachers protected by unions. Freedom is Trump’s goal for all Americans and it feels good again.

Trump has challenged his team to remove every non productive rule established by the Federal Government so that America can grow its economy again. Hope is here and it is real!

I thank God everyday for Trump and his new team. I am confident he will Make America Great Again with God’s Blessing.

David E. Plante